Our new plugin Sticky Mini Cart for WooCommerce is available for you to use in your site. If you run a WooCommerce site or if you are planning to do so, then continue reading this post, this post will help to upgrade your store. Should you prefer Sticky Mini Cart for WooCommerce? If you run...
If you do not know how to add meta description in WordPress, then probably you are missing out chances to convert search engine traffic. If you want to improve clicks then you need to improve the meta description with the help of proper customization. The customization process is simple so you need
Recently, we got a mail where one of our users asked how to reinstall WordPress? While using WordPress, sometimes you may face issues due to corrupt files. To solve this problem, you need to reinstall the WordPress file making sure that the existing files are not lost. On the other hand, if you want
WordPress provides you a platform from where you can use pre-built codes. You need to know how to edit HTML in WordPress to make different changes in a WordPress site. If you learn how to edit codes, you can troubleshoot different issues and make necessary changes according to the customization that
Videos are one of the better ways to engage with your audience. If you have created videos for the post that you write, then you may like to know how to embed video in WordPress. After reading this post, you will discover different ways to embed videos in WordPress. In fact, embedding videos also bo