How to Hide Page Title in WordPress

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Do you know how to hide page title in WordPress?

In this topic, we will discuss different ways by which you can hide page or post title in WordPress.

Why hide page title in WordPress?

There may be different reasons for which you may want to change or hide page title in WordPress.

Some of the most common reasons are:

No requirement of titles

Some posts or pages do not require a title at all. For instance, how would it be if there is a long title with no content at all?

Landing Page

When users come to the landing page, they will usually know what the page is about with the promotion campaign they come from. So, when people already know about the type of the page, the title of the page can be skipped as well.


Titles are not required on the static homepage. If you do not need a feed of posts on the homepage then you do not require a title. This is addressed is most of the themes by removing the titles. However, if your theme has not removed the title then you have to do it manually.

How to hide page title in WordPress

Let’s look at the various ways to hide page or post titles.

How to hide page title in WordPress
How to hide page title in WordPress

Blank Title (Hiding a Single Page or Post Title)

Can the title be blank?

Yes, you heard it right. When you create a new post or page, you can skip the title. In addition, the old titles can be edited and removed to hide the titles.

While you use this method, you will see that without creating a title, the permalink will not be generated. To solve this conflict, you can write a title at first, then when the permalink is generated, you can remove the title again.

Google recommends pages with titles for higher search engine ranking. But if you do not want to add a title, you can use an SEO plugin that displays SEO title to Google while it will not be found in your post or page.

Theme Modification (Hiding All Page or Post Titles)

You can hide the entire page or post title by modifying the stylesheet of theme i.e. (style.css file) However, Google does not prefer this method as Google considers anything hiding from it as a black hat method. At first, open the post or page whose title is to be hidden. Right-click on the title to inspect it and find the CSS class of the title block. The class depends on the active theme that you are using on your site. For example, The CSS class maybe names like entry-title, article-title, etc.

Now open and edit the style.css file from the WordPress Dashboard, FTP Client, or File Manager. In the stylesheet, add this code at the bottom of the file and save the changes.

display: none;


There is a plugin for doing almost everything in WordPress. So, is hiding page title in WordPress. If you are not comfortable playing with codes, then the plugin may be an appropriate solution for you. There are plugins that do not make undesirable changes in design. You can select a checkbox to hide page title in a new post or already published posts with the help of a plugin. You can search the plugins from the official WordPress plugins repository.

The plugins will work only if the theme has the recommended function. Most themes have this function while some of them do not have this function. In such a case, either you need to contact the developer or follow one of our previous two methods to hide page title.


This post describes clearly how to hide page title in WordPress. If you are unclear about anything on this process or if using any other methods for this purpose, let us know about it in the comment section below.    

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